Saronic Triathlon Club


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Are you still thinking about it? Our club operates in Poros, Galatas and surrounding areas. You can join us if you are over 7+ years old and you love sports. In Saronic Triathlon Club you will achieve your goals, but also, you will make new friends. We are a big family and we can’t wait to welcome you to our club.

We train daily and we participate in:
• triathlon races • cycling races • swimming races • running races

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Saronic Triathlon Club
Saronic Triathlon Club
Saronic Swims


If you are over 2+ years old, join our Swim Academy and let us train you to swim like a dolphin!

Expert swimming instructors teach your children to swim, even they don’t know how to swim, at all.

Our sessions take place in the sea or in the pool. Book now and you won’t regret it!

Saronic Swims

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