Saronic Activities


Hiking is a way of living. If you have chosen this kind of living, just join us and discover the beauty of Greece.

We will hike on the mountains of Poros island, in the Saronic Gulf near Athens, connecting the three peaks of the island (ClockTower – Agioi Anargyroi – Windmill), passing through the narrow streets of island and discovering the culture and the architecture of the local houses.

We will visit a home yard where local people will offer you traditional sweets and homemade lemonade juice.

We can also hike in the mountain paths of Methana (next to Poros ), around the volcano crater area and in Peristera cave, and its small lake, where you can also swim. Walk with us from the Small Ancient Theater of Epidaurus to the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, following the path of Ancient Greece.

Choose your destination and book now your hiking session. All sessions include snack and water for everyone. For those who select Epidaurus or Methana, the cost of the session includes transfer from/to the area.

Green Project - Eco Philosophy

Green Project

One of our beliefs in Saronic Outdoor Activities is to protect and respect nature. We love nature, as it’s where we spend most of our day at.

We have grown up in a “green” island, full of trees and small animals. We have the obligation to protect them.

So, we decided to give a promise to nature and to ourselves. Each time we hike on our mountains, to plant a tree!

To leave our “green mark”! We plant a eucalyptus or pine tree, all the group together, giving the promise to come again and see the tree all grown up.

We take photos and we are so happy for our contribution to the environment.

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